Zilic, Zeljko
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Critical Components for Systems on a ChiprnrnThe objective of this project is to devise CAD tools and system design methodologies that would address some of the pressing needs in building scalable and power efficient systems on a chip. First, clock management techniques and circuitry are investigated, with emphasis on low-power application. Innovative clock managers, including dynamic clock dividers and reconfigurable VCOs, will be built. The system-level design methodologies for employing the dynamically controlled clock will be considered. Second, substrate coupling problem will be addressed. We will develop a macromodel based on Voronoi tessellation, build active methods for interference suppression and produce several experimental circuits to measure coupling and validate models developed. Third, embedded memories will be optimized for yield, reliability and testability. Optimal solution will be built in silicon. Fourth, embedded network processing cores will be devised. An FPGA-based implementation optimized for IP over SONET/ATM, using Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) protocol, will be built.

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