Tous les cours intensifs

Conception IPC intégrée des PCB HDI pour les cartes électroniques en haute fréquence
(23 November 2017)
Conception IPC intégrée des PCB HDI pour les cartes électroniques en haute fréquence
(22 November 2017)
Ultra-Low-Voltage (ULV) IC Design
(14 May 2015)
SSCS Distinguished Lecture Tour / The Innovation is in the Mind – The Converging Trajectories of IT, Neuro and Nano
(10 November 2014)
SSCS Distinguished Lecture Tour / K‐Delta‐1‐Sigma Analog‐to‐Digital Converters
(10 November 2014)
SSCS Distinguished Lecture Tour / Silicon‐based Circuits and Systems at the Terahertz Frontier
(10 November 2014)
Near-Threshold VLSI Circuits: a Route to Minimum-Energy Computing
(22 June 2014)
Traditional and Adiabatic Neural Stimulator Circuits
(22 June 2014)
Medical Applications – an important aspect of lower power design of integrated circuits and Systems
(22 June 2014)
Fundamental Principles of Radio Communication Systems: the Road to Implantable Telemetry
(22 June 2014)
Reconfigurable Radio-Frequency Transceivers
(08 May 2014)
Label free biosensors and applications in frontier research
(14 February 2014)
Short Course on Analog and Digital Phase-Locked Loops
(17 October 2013)
Designing VLSI Systems with Integrated Nano-Electro-Mechanical Relays
(24 May 2013)
Scaling Friendly Radio design for SoC
(22 April 2013)
The Next Wave of Mixed-Signal Interface Electronics
(28 March 2013)
Modélisation et programmation des systèmes embarqués critiques: la voie synchrone
(01 March 2013)
Solid-State and Biological Systems Interface
(14 January 2013)
COMSOL multiphysics 2 day intensive course
(24 April 2012)
Implantable Windows on the Brain, Engineering Perspective
(23 February 2012)
Amplificateurs de puissance RF et Micro-Ondes
(31 October 2011)
Understanding Ultra‐Low Power VLSI Design: from Basics to Cutting‐Edge Techniques in a Unitary Framework
(29 April 2011)
CMOS Lab-on-Chips: From Microelectronic Integrated Devices to Bioengineering Solutions
(22 October 2010)
Signal Integrity and Board Design for Xilinx FPGAs
(15 May 2010)
DSP Implementation Techniques for Xilinx FPGAs
(27 February 2009)
Tradeoffs and Optimization in Analog CMOS Design
(30 January 2009)
Digital Microfluidic Biochips: Connecting Biochemistry to Integrated Circuits and Systems
(05 December 2008)
Analog & Mixed Signal Design Verification
(24 November 2008)
Multimode Reconfigurable Wireless Terminals: A First Step Towards Software Defined Radio
(22 February 2007)
Architecting for Real-Time, Embedded Systems
(11 January 2007)
Analog Circuit Design in Nanoscale CMOS Technologies: Opportunities and Challenges
(17 November 2006)
First-Pass-Silicon Radio Technology for B3G Wireless Terminals
(14 November 2006)
Biologically Inspired Smart CMOS Vision Sensors
(03 November 2006)
Power Circuits and Systems for Wireless Sensor Networks
(18 June 2006)
Microsystem Design Methodologies
(18 June 2006)
Programming models and Hardware Dependant Software for Multi-Processor SoC
(18 June 2006)
Power-Aware Computing Systems: An Architectural Approach
(18 June 2006)
Towards Practical Nanotechnology: Hybrid CMOS/molecular integrated circuits
(07 April 2006)
Validation Automatique de Programmes
(22 March 2006)
Testing Techniques for VLSI and Beyond
(27 January 2006)
Noise and Variability in the Electrical Behavior of Deep Sub-Micron Integrated Circuits
(08 December 2005)
Clock distribution networks
(05 December 2005)
The Underpinnings of the MOS Transistor and CMOS Technology in the 21st Century- Scaling Theory and New Methods in Analog/RF Design
(27 October 2005)
Engineering Complex SOCs: Complexity, Change, and Risk
(19 June 2005)
Ultra Low-Power Sensor Networks
(19 June 2005)
Low-Power Design Techniques
(19 June 2005)
Robust, Low Power Embedded Static Random Acces Memories
(06 May 2005)
Circuit Techniques for Operational Amplifier Speed and Accuracy Improvement: Analog Circuit Design with Structural Methodology
(19 April 2005)
Pattern Recognition at 1GOPS/mW and Beyond: Massively Parallel Mixed-Signal VLSI Storage, Computing and Data Conversion
(04 March 2005)
Cryptography: Circuits and Systems Approach
(28 May 2004)
Internally Varying Analog Circuits: A Means for Minimizing Power Dissipation
(17 May 2004)
Managing Leakage Power and Variability in Nanometer ICs
(26 March 2004)
Self-Consistent DC, AC, Noise and Mismatch MOSFET Models for Circuit Design
(27 February 2004)
Optoelectronic-VLSI Circuit Design for Chip and Board Level Optical Interconnects
(20 June 2003)
Design for Verification with System Verilog
(20 June 2003)
Frequency synthesis for RF Applications
(20 June 2003)
Power-Aware Design Techniques
(20 June 2003)
Probabilistic Timing Analysis of Large-Scale Systems: A Perspective from the Trenches
(23 May 2003)
System-On-Chip (SoC) Technology: The Future of VLSI Design
(25 April 2003)
Formal Verification of Systems
(17 November 2000)
Low Power Circuits and Architectures for Video Applications
(19 May 2000)
High Level Test Synthesis Methodologies
(04 May 2000)
Design of testable systems-on-chip
(15 October 1999)
Integration VLSI de circuits mixtes
(21 May 1999)
Advanced data mining and applications in VLSI and computer architecture
(23 April 1999)
Recent progress in modelling and simulation of high-speed VLSI interconnects
(04 December 1998)
Mixed hardware/software systems - Specification and design of mixed hardware/software systems
(06 November 1998)
Hardware/Software Co-Verification with Seamless-CVE
(29 May 1998)
CMOS IC Design for Wireless Transceivers
(15 May 1998)